About AimCheck.com

"We guarantee your privacy and the utmost in service and quality."

AimCheck.com has your back. We enable you to take care of your healthcare decisions the way you see fit. Lab testing is estimated to cover at least 70 percent of medical diagnoses – combined that with our advanced screening tests and telemedicine - and we’ve got you covered.

Actually, we don't. You do. We have the tools in place for you to do so as effectively and efficiently as possible, the way you see fit. Our Physicians and Thought leaders are committed to empowering you when it comes to your healthcare management... according to your needs.

It is important to understand that AimCheck.com is much more than an affordable marketplace for medical services: We believe we are building a new paradigm for medical care. We offer confidential medical testing/telemedicine/ and secure medical record storage and management... with optional Blockchain technology.

Reliable Medical Testing

Our medical tests are performed by the largest labs in the world, giving you a quality guarantee.Our telemedicine doctors are here to help you with confidential tests, and give you professional advice on a variety of medical treatments.

We have carefully chosen the professionals on our platform to bring you the best doctors. Our Doctors use the Lab Test Live back end technology, in conjunction with big data analysis and proprietary algorithms, to insure personalized optimal healthcare recommendations and results.

Thought Leaders

Our thought leaders have extensive backgrounds in the medical industry and are specialists in their respective fields. Read more about our LabTest Live visionaries below.

Dr. Ken Smith
MD Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Sylvia Gibson
MD Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Melanie Carter
MD Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Andrew Khan
MD Los Angeles, CA